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About Reedsport
Reedsport is a city located on the Oregon Coast. Situated in Douglas County, in the year 2016, it was home to a little more than 4,000 residents. Established in 1852 on the Umpqua River estuary, it was named in honor of Alfred W. Reed, who was a local settler. He would be given credit for establishing the city in 1912. On July 17th of that year, the city’s first post office was erected.

Reedsport was developed, in large part, because the Southern Pacific Railroad was being built towards Coos Bay in a southern direction. Prior to the post office being erected, the city was used as a camp for men who worked on the railroad.

Reedsport, OR has a long history of flooding, in large part, due to the marshy grounds on which the city was built. To counteract flooding, early settlers elevated the buildings they built so that they stood 3 to 8 feet above the ground. In 1964, even this proved not to be enough. The city experienced a terrible flood. In response, city officials ordered that a dike be built to help ward off future flooding in the lower part of the city.

For much of Reedsport’s history, there was a reliance on the timber industry. In recent decades (since the latter part of the 20th century), the industry has suffered some setbacks in Oregon. Some characterize it is a collapse. Though, while the timber industry has run into some problems which have negatively affected Reedsport, an increase in tourism has helped some.

Reedsport is increasingly becoming a tourist hot-spot because of the nearby sand dunes, the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area, in particular. Tourist services like hotels, RV parks, and restaurants have been able to meet the needs of tourists. The Umpqua River has been a big draw as well, mainly because of its great fishing. The flood in 1964 may have something to do with this.

The flood caused water from the city’s fish hatcheries to overflow the fish troughs, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of small mouth bass being pushed into the Umpqua River. Today, they are the most common fish in the river. The flood may have thus turned out to be a mixed blessing. Though it was devastating for the city at the time, it helped develop it into a tourist attraction, which has become incredibly important in light of the collapse of the timber industry.

In addition to the Dunes and fishing at the Umpqua River, other activities/attractions of interest in Reedsport Oregon include the Umpqua Discovery Center, the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area and Loon Lake. Each of the above is either in Reedsport or within a short distance.

Reedsport is fast becoming a hotbed for tourists. Those who are looking for a relaxing, scenic place to spend some time and unwind will find that Reedsport fits the bill. The small city is home to great fishing, sand dunes, beautiful parks and hiking trails. Below, we will take a look at Reedsport’s best activities and attractions.

The Bolon Island Tideways State Scenic Corridor is a great place to visit while in Reedsport. It is a scenic, peaceful park, perfect for the individual that wants to get away from it all. Those that enjoy hiking will want to hit the trails. The trails wrap through the island for a significant stretch.

Birds are often able to be spotted roosted along the trail. Individuals can also get a great view of the Umpqua River from the Bolon Island Tideways State Scenic Corrider. It is important to note that individuals will need to pack their own water because there is none on the corridor, at least no potable drinking water.

Dean Creek Elk is another terrific place to visit while in or near Reedsport. It’s approximately 4 miles from Reedsport. The area is filled with Roosevelt Elk, more than 100 of them. The Elk are allowed free reign on 1000 acres of preserve. Bald eagles been spotted on the preserve as have waterfall.

The Loon Lake Lodge and RV Resort is another beautiful place to spend time. It is continually one of the area’s most popular attractions. Lake Loon is full of great pools and majestic waterfalls. The Mill Creek outlet drops more than 100 feet in fewer then .25 miles.

Individuals that enjoy skateboarding are sure to get a kick out of the Reedsport Skate Park. This particular park has a full pipe in a funnel shape. It is a challenging park and a perfect place for the serious skateboarder to hang out while in Reedsport.

The Umpqua Discovery Center is a place where visitors can learn all about the Oregon Tidewater Community. It is appropriate for people of all ages. Individuals will get the opportunity to check out interactive programs and exhibits, which will transport them back in time, allowing them to experience how both people and the elements have impacted the area.

The Umpqua Lighthouse is another fun attraction to visit while in Reedsport, Oregon. It is situated near Salmon Harbor, which is located on Winchester Bay. It has a campground that sits around Lake Marie, which is a terrific place for fishing and boating (non-motorized). The beach is perfect for hanging out and swimming.

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